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It’s a common misconception that the holiday season is a bad time to sell your home.  Here are 10 reasons why we believe that’s just not true!


  1.  Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are SERIOUS buyers!
  2. There are fewer homes on the market during the holidays.  This means less competition for your home.
  3. Less competition means you can price your home higher!
  4. The supply of homes on the market will increase dramatically in January.  Getting your home on the market now gets you out in front of other listings.
  5. Your house will show better when decorated for the holidays.
  6. Buyers with time off from work for the holidays have more time to look for homes.
  7. Many times a buyer will be motivated to purchase a home before the end of the year for tax reasons.
  8. Lots of people begin new jobs in January, sometimes in a new location.  Transferees cannot wait until spring to buy a house, but you must be on the market to capture these buyers!
  9. You can choose to restrict showings during family celebrations, but your home will still be on the market.
  10. By selling now, you will be a non-contingent buyer in the Spring when the market is flooded with homes and the prices are lower.  This is your chance to sell high and buy low!

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