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Proven techniques that will help your house sell as fast as possible.

Minimize:  The first step is to minimalize extra items on kitchen and bathroom counters, straighten bookshelves, clean out closets and give the basement a good cleaning up.  Prospective buyers need to be able to SEE your house to appreciate its true size.  Clutter can make a house seem small.

Neutralize:  You want home buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your house.  Living spaces that are colored vibrantly might turn away some buyers.  Paint walls neutral, comforting colors.

Deodorize:  Nobody likes a house that smells bad!  You want your house to smell clean and fresh!

Depersonalize:  A buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in your house.  Too many personalized items around the house (family pictures, etc.) may be hard for certain buyers to see past.


Curb appeal is a very important part of selling your house!  An exterior should be so inviting that the prospective buyer is almost sold before he or she goes through the front door.  Some things you should consider are:

  • Placing planters full of flowers or greenery at the front door and at the corners of the garage.
  • Putting a fresh coat of paint and new hardware on the front door.  Make sure the door opens easily and smoothly.
  • Washing or painting the home’s exterior.
  • Pressure wash any areas that need it.  Driveways, walkways, patios and porches should sparkle.
  • Removing the screens from windows, especially in the front.
  • Cleaning out the gutters and make sure down spouts are directed away from the foundation.
  • Putting down fresh pine straw or mulch in beds and plant some brightly colored flowers.
  • Keeping the grass freshly cut.
  • Cleaning windows inside and out.


Once the buyer is through the front door, the inside should be equally inviting!  Please consider:

  • Removing damaged or faded window treatments.  A clean window with no treatments gives a much better impression than one covered by worn treatments.
  • Replacing or throwing out old or damaged shower curtains, kitchen and bathroom towels and area rugs.
  • Removing excess wall hangings, furniture and knickknacks.  Consider a temporary storage unit.
  • Shampooing carpets.
  • Rearranging the furniture throughout to equally distribute furnishings.  Not too much or too little in any room.
  • Cleaning all light fixtures.
  • Cleaning the inside of all appliances (refrigerator, microwave, oven).
  • Re-painting in a neutral, soothing tone.

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